Ever thought about how to install VPN on Android? This walkthrough will help you through the installing process in under 3 minutes!

In this example we’re using NordVPN, that you can download from Google Play Store. Installing a VPN might sound hard at first but it’s as easy as installing any other application on your Android phone as you can see from the convenient screenshots here. If you’re wondering what VPN to choose, check out The Best Android VPNs here!

Downloading a VPN

NordVPN Google Play Store - EasyVPNComparisonAt first you need to go to Google Play store to download the official NordVPN application.

There are some free VPN alternatives in Google Play Store, but we at EasyVPNComparison strongly advice against using any free VPNs. You can read the reasons here.

Clicking the “Install” button will download the application to your Android device.





Download Confirmation - Installing NordVPN on Android DeviceAfter you’ve installed NordVPN on your device you can open the app simply by pressing the icon on your screen of if you’re still in Google Play Store, by pressing the “Open” button.

The first time you open the application the app will probably ask you to download server signatures so that NordVPN application can function probably. It is recommended to do this right away so no problems will occur further on.




This is your basic map view you’ll see when opening NordVPN. The countries with a VPN server are shown with a pin. On the bottom of the screen you see the status of your VPN connection. The default state is “Not connected” as this point. As you can see the application notifies you you don’t yet have a VPN subscription. To obtain one press the green “Subscribe” button.





Buying the VPN subscription

You’ll need to create a NordVPN account to use the VPN application. Press the green “Sign Me Up” button to create an account. You’ll be asked for an email address and a password you’d wish to use when logging in to NordVPN. You don’t have to use an identifiable email should you wish to remain completely anonymous, you just need to remember these credentials. Next you can select the Best Subscription Plan for you. Obviously, like so often with VPNs the 1 year plan is the cheapest one per month. There are also an options to buy shorter subscriptions for a slighly higher price per month. Select the Best Subscription Plan by swiping the options and then clicking the green “Get 1 Year Plan” button (or which plan you chose).




Connecting to a VPN server

Once you’ve selected the paying method and bought the NordVPN subscription you’re ready to start. As you can see the application doesn’t anymore warn you about the missing subscription. Go ahead and select a server of your choice!

The first time connecting your device will probably ask you if you trust the application to prevent accidentally connecting to any servers you don’t trust. You can just press OK to let your phone the application is trusted. After that you’ll probably will be asked if you want to let NordVPN to form a VPN connection, you can press OK here as well.




And voilà! You’ve succesfully installed NordVPN and connected your device to a VPN server, in our case we connected to a Canadian server as you can see in our screenshot. The green blob in the bottom of the screen now says “Connected to Canada”. You’re ready to start browsing with your back covered!






Extra options of NordVPN

If you don’t like the map view you can also click on the upper left corner to open up a menu where you can select your favourite VPN servers from a full server list as well as choose special options such as Onion over VPN and different dedicated IP servers.