According to a new study by researchers in Hong Kong the rise of online video streaming has begun to drop DVD sales the sales of physical media.

While Netflix is bringing in millions of dollars to copyright holders it has already severely hurt DVD sales which traditionally has been the prime revenue source for big movie studios. Media Industry has been fighting against piracy for decades now and video streaming sites were supposed to be the Holy Grail, bringing an end to piracy at once. Even though the legal alternatives online are thriving a new study shows they have a big impact on physical media sales as well. According to the study DVD sales increased by almost a quarter when a movie was removed from streaming services.


“Our difference-in-difference analyses show that the decline in the streaming availability of Epix’s content leads to a 24.7% increase in their DVD sales in the three months after the event,” the study says. “Our results validate the industry’s concern that video streaming services displace physical DVD sales.”

While streaming services are bringing in the cash the copyright holders face a question what to do next. Legal alternatives to piracy are slowly killing DVD and BluRay sales. This is of course one of the main reasons why the most recent releases aren’t available on Netflix at all. While it would be possible to release the most popular blockbusters of the last decade to streaming services, releasing them only on DVD and BluRay maximizes the revenue for the copyright owners.