VPNs bypassing China's infamous Great Firewall in danger after ministry's new announcement

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced yesterday a major crackdown on VPNs (Virtual Private Network) services. China’s been for long one of the largest countries to use VPN since services like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and Twitter have been officially banned in the country. Now China is tightening the freedom of Internet in China even more. The new censorship rules will make all VPNs essentially illegal since all the VPNs must be approved by the Government of China to operate in the country. This of course means no VPN is allowed to help Chinese Internet users to circumvent the official bans and censorship of the Internet.

According to South China Morning Post the crackdown will begin immediately and run until March 31, 2018. VyprVPN has already stated that they are working on ways around the ban and ExpressVPN will be releasing a statement soon.

China’s control on Internet is one of the tightest around the world. Around 135 of 1000 webpages are banned in China which has led to majority of Internet users using different VPN services to be able to use the Internet more freely. Internet users have already reported of slowing VPN services in China and are fearing they’ll lose contact with the outside world or even be held accountable for by security ­forces for using a VPN system.