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About us was originally launched as (meaning VPN Comparison in Finnish) in 2016 to help people choose the best VPN for them easily without paying too much for the service. At first we concentrated only on comparison tools and listing useful information about VPNs but after launching the site as in the end of the year 2016 we’ve upgraded our articles to give you more thorough information about VPN Services. We do keep an eye out for great VPN deals as well as privacy and cyber security news.

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One third of people can’t recognize pirated content

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According to a recent study conducted in Finland by TTVK (Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre) one third of Finns can’t say if a web service is legal or illegal copyright-wise. …
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Is your Android safe?

We do everything on our Android phones, from online banking to social media, therefore protecting your mobile device with a VPN is as important as protecting your desktop computer and …
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