"Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free" sang one third of the Americans and continued watching pirated content.

A new survey by Irdeto, a company specializing in digital platform security says 32% of American adults admit to streaming or downloading pirated video content. The survey conducted through YouGov included around 1000 adults who according to the study are interested in wide variety of pirated content. Not only do they watch TV-shows and movies still playing in theaters but admit to watching also older movies, live sports and Netflix originals.

The study shows 69& of adult Americans understand piracy is illegal but apparently that doesn’t bother downloaders that much. The data further shows the pirates are not bothered by revenue losses piracy is allegedly causing to copyright holders.

It’s not only the adults who confess being pirates. According to a report by Analogy Media more than two thirds of millenials between ages 18 and 24 admitted online streaming and torrenting. 67% of the group thought streaming unauthorized videos is perfectly fine.