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What’s a VPN?

A VPN, or “Virtual Private Network”, is a way to connect to the internet via a special server run by a VPN provider. When using a VPN all your Internet data from your computer or handheld devices is directed to VPN server. At the same time all the data you send and receive is heavily encrypted. A VPN has lots of uses, but mainly it is used to

Checkmark Making your IP address invisible – Your IP address is monitored all the time you browse the net for marketing purposes. With a VPN you can hide from bots roaming the net for your information.

Checkmark Securing your data – Connecting to a public WiFi can be risky, because public WiFis can eavesdrop your data. In the worst case scenario this could lead to your passwords getting in the wrong hands. With VPN’s encryption all the data you send and receive through the Internet is secured.

Checkmark Seeing blocked or limited content – Some websites are limited to certain countries only. With a VPN you can change your location and use the websites normally.

Checkmark Avoiding throttling – Some Internet service providers (ISP) slow down your connection while streaming video or gaming to save their bandwidth. With VPN you can avoid this, because the ISP can’t analyze your data.

Checkmark Evade censorship – Schools, workplaces, ISP, even governments sometimes censor some information online. With a VPN you can evade any censorship (make sure you live in a country where circumventing censored pages is legal).

CheckmarkUse P2P/Torrent safely – Because VPN spoofs your real IP address and location it makes using torrent services more safe.

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Protect your online privacy!

With a VPN service you can prevent any bots gathering your browsing information online for marketing purposes. While using public Wi-Fis you’ll be secured because any hackers or network owners aren’t able to spy on your information. This protects your online privacy better than any other service can!

Free or paid VPN?

Some VPN services provide also a free VPN. Free VPNs are however often very limited services or even unsafe to use. “If you’re not paying for it, you become the product”. The danger is real with free VPNs as well. The service provider might be using your browsing information for marketing research purposes or they can even be selling your information for third parties for advertising purpotes. This is hardly desired if you value your online privacy. Paid VPNs often have free trials available, so there’s no reason not to try one out! Read here, why you should always avoid using free VPNs!

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